‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 8.2.11

    Benched: Jennifer Williams

    MVP: Royce Reed

    T-shirt Line: "Business is business. Personal is personal."

    Royce Reed and Jennifer Williams fought about cast loyalty on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives."

    Someone’s always fighting on this show! Tami Roman was kind enough to recap her brawl with Meeka Claxton in Rome for Royce, who was not invited on the international trip. Though, in hindsight, it probably would have been better for her to go along if for no other reason than to rein Tami in.

    Royce only had one question for Tami when it came to her cast buddy throwing punches at the club: "Did you land it?" And don’t think we didn’t notice Royce giving Tami a high-five for the fisticuffs. We see you, Royce!

    Just to get it out of the way: Evelyn Lozada was kind of non-motherf*@#in’ factor this episode. Thankfully, her storyline Monday was fairly tame as her daughter graduated from high school. It’s a huge milestone, and it was great to see a family come together to celebrate such a momentous occasion. And from the looks of it, Chad Ochocinco, Evelyn’s fiancé, seems to get along well with Evelyn’s people. That’s a good considering that he supposedly plans on sticking around for a while, even though many people assume their relationship is a sham.

    BTW, did you see his reaction when Shaniece dropped the bomb that Evelyn had been engaged twice before him? Too funny! Apparently, he didn’t know about her past. That’s probably something that should have been discussed before he bought her a ring. Not that it would change anything, but it’s just good information to have.

    Meanwhile Jennifer was telling her male BFF, Al Reynolds, that she was ready to jump back into the dating game. Now if she could just figure out how to play it! Jen admitted that she doesn’t know much about dating and has to learn quickly. It’s a big leap to be thrust back onto the market after a breakdown in one’s marriage. However, from the looks of it, Jen seems to have gotten the hang of it quickly.

    Unfortunately she couldn’t bask in the satisfaction of a having been on a good date for too long because she was getting hype for her showdown with Royce. Apparently, it upset Jen that Royce met up with Jen’s estranged hubby Eric Williams without telling her first. Royce had always planned to tell Jen about the business lunch, but maybe Jen was fired up because no one cleared it with her.

    Royce wasn’t trying to hide anything, but it probably would have been better for her to tell Jen first before Suzie Ketcham got a chance to run her mouth! Yet again, Suzie should have kept her mouth shut and stayed out of grown folks’ business, but instead she couldn’t wait to tell Jen about Royce’s lunch with Eric. Although we will say Royce shouldn’t have said anything to Suzie about in the first place.

    Is the cast contractually obligated to talk to Suzie? I ask because I cannot figure out why people keep telling Suzie their business. It never ends well. Just ask Meeka Claxton’s face!

    While Jen was getting angry about the whole Royce/Eric situation, Tami tried to be the voice of reason. She prompted Jen, to sit down and have a civil conversation with Royce about the movie meeting with Eric. Where was this Tami last week when she was laying into Meeka in Rome?! "Basketball Wives" producers should have brought her along for the girls’ trip this season. Just saying.

    Before Jen could even warm up to the idea of having a sit-down with Royce, Suzie ambushed her with a surprise lunch with the dancer. While we understand why Jen would have wanted to leave, she should have stuck around to hash out the situation and lay it to rest. That’s how we keep the peace, people!  Even if she didn’t see the point in talking to Royce, Jen could have at least spoken for herself and they could have spoken about the beef directly instead of all the chatter filtered through other people.

    At least Royce was willing to be straight up with Jen about the whole thing. But what’s Jen really so mad about anyway? It’s just Eric. Last time he was the shady film producer, now he’s dressed for a Justin Bieber concert. What costume will he come out with next?!

    The reason we clown on his wardrobe is because the idea of him writing a movie script that’s any good can’t possibly be taken seriously. If my predictions are correct, his film would be a d-level movie that’s headed straight for the discount bin at your local Wal-Mart immediately upon release. 




    — Sonya Eskridge




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