Chanj changes name to Lenny Harold

    Lenny Harold is reintroducing himself to the world with the release of his new album The Journal of Wonders: Tale of the Phoenix in the Moon Labyrinth.  Formerly known as Chanj, this vocal powerhouse is reacquainting himself with his fans, old and new, while giving them something they can feel.

    The Journal of Wonders: Tale of the Phoenix in the Moon Labyrinth
    chronicles his journey of rebirth and his new sound, which he has termed “hybrid soul.” Lenny feels this album is a more personal reflection of his eclectic musical talent and writing skills.

    “This album has so many collective energies and collective sounds, but the base of it is still that soul," said Lenny.

    The album’s first single “It’s Not Ok,” is the perfect soundtrack to any hard breakup. Co-written by Lenny, he said the song is so powerful because he could relate to it so well. “I was actually going through relationship issues at the time,” he shared. “I was like, ‘I need this to be felt as emotionally as the words are.’”

    The singer said dissatisfaction with his last two projects is what caused the rebirth of Lenny Harold. “I felt like a clone, and I didn’t want to be just another R&B guy,” he said. “I wanted to do what was going to make me more honest when I got on the stage.”

    And even though he’s not being promised the same commercial success as some other R&B crooners, Lenny is still satisfied knowing that people are hearing and loving his music.

    As for the stage that started it all, Lenny says he still has love for the Apollo Theater, and he wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. “When I first walked into that building…I could hear and feel the energy of all of these past greats,” he said. “It was really like an outer-body type of experience.”

    Chanj is no longer his name, but Lenny Harold is still innovating.  



    —Shaniqua A. Thompson




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