Is Oprah Winfrey in over her OWN head?

    After overcoming abuse, earning an Oscar nomination, hosting an iconic TV show and launching her own network, it seems Oprah Winfrey handles all tasks with ease; but not quite.

    The mogul, who recently appointed herself CEO of her OWN network, took to Facebook yesterday to admit that running the business is harder than it looked.

    “It’s 10 times harder than doing my daily show. Doing that show felt like breathing everyday. Now, I’m in so many meetings I sometimes have to step out and catch a breath,” she wrote to her fans.

    Although ratings for the network aren’t ideal, Oprah doesn’t seem discouraged.

    “Everyone in the cable business told me it would take 3 years. Some said 5. I’ve been here a week,” she wrote. “I have faith that if I do what I’m supposed to do—allow it to serve my purpose, and you, the viewer—it will succeed,” she said.

    Oprah also announced some new shows she has planned for fall, including “Own Your Life,” a series produced by Forest Whitaker, and Rosie O’Donnell’s “Rosie.”

    Of course, Oprah, who is currently facing a copyright lawsuit brought by Own Your Power Inc., didn’t pass up the opportunity to encourage her fans.

    “Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Don’t be defeated by mistakes. Learn from them,” she advised.

    You can remove the woman from hosting the show, but you can’t take the host out of the woman.

    Are you watching OWN? If so, why or why not? Do you think Oprah can make the network a success?


    —Tracy L. Scott



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