Royce Reed: ‘Females are just negative’

    Royce Reed definitely stands out—and often alone—on "Basketball Wives." She’s one of the few cast members who isn’t weaved out and doesn’t live in designer labels.

    However, her critics might suggest she could use a makeover and stylist. According to Royce, those haters are mostly women, and that’s exactly why she doesn’t really get along with a lot of ladies.

    “Females are just negative in general it seems and it’s sad it always seems to be my African-American sisters who do it the most. Rather than lifting each other up, it’s always bringing someone down,” said Royce, who is as guilty of that as many of her cast mates.

    “I am not perfect and I did fight in self-defense on national TV,” admitted Royce, who got into a physical altercation with Evelyn Lozada this season and seldom has anything nice to say about her co-stars during those on-air confessionals.

    However, Royce said there’s more to her.

    “I feel I try as much as I can to bring some sort of intelligence. I’m expanding my career. I wish the show portrayed more of our business side and career moves,” Royce told the Urban Daily.

    Royce, who is a mother, dancer, author and aspiring actor, does have more going for her than just reality TV, and that’s good considering that several of her “Basketball Wives” co-stars no longer want to tape with her.

    There’s been no word on whether she’ll return for season 4 of the hit show, but Royce is keeping her plate full even without “Basketball Wives” as the main course.

    "I’m going on an HBCU book tour. I’m touring with the play Cheaters. I scored the starring role. I’m auditioning for several plays and sitcoms. I’m launching a children’s book series in the winter. I’m launching my Dance to Live Foundation in the fall. My dance company Fantashique is still doing well and first and foremost, I am a mom."


    —Tracy L. Scott




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