Tia & Tamera Mowry: It’s not perfect

    Twins Tia and Tamera Mowry are used to being there for one another, but their new reality series “Tia & Tamera” shows the two struggling to be there for each other during stressful and life-changing times in their lives.

    “Everybody thinks that, ‘Oh, wow. Everything seems so perfect and so grand,’ but if you think about it, it’s really important times in both of our lives that take a lot of attention,” said Tia, who taped the show while carrying her first child and her sister Tamera was planning her own wedding.

    “If I was exhausted or not feeling well and couldn’t attend something for Tamera, she wouldn’t take it well. You’ll see the ongoing compromise that we try to make for each other. We try to compromise and not hurt the other one’s feelings,” Tia told Sister 2 Sister.

    “We’re both preparing for pivotal times in our lives. She needed me. I needed her, but our situation didn’t always allow us to be together,” Tia added.

    While the sisters say there will be arguing on the new Style network series, it won’t be what TV fans have come to expect from some popular reality shows.

    “You will see us arguing. That is probably the only major drama you’re going to see between us. This is not a hair-pulling, nail-scratching show,” said Tamera. “It’s a show about real sisters seeing life from two different perspectives. That’s what makes us a great team. Just like normal sisters, we don’t always get along, but it doesn’t matter how many times we fight or argue. We love each other,“ she assured.

    When the sisters first began conceptualizing the series, they had no idea the show would feature them at such special times in their lives.

    “Pitching [a TV show] takes like two years,” said Tia. “We weren’t where we are today when we were pitching the show,” she added, acknowledging that most celebrities “go into hiding” when pregnant.

    “I wasn’t sure I wanted to document it. I looked like a blowfish. What gave me a little bit of the A-Okay, I thought it will be nice to show my son one day when he’s old enough,” Tia said.

    Although her physical appearance wasn’t a concern, Tamera said she was hesitant, too.

    “I love my private life,” said Tamera, who has been surprised by some of the feedback she’s gotten on Twitter at times.

    “I love God and that’s evident in my tweets. I never realized how many people are bothered by that. If anything, I’m in trouble for talking about God a lot, but I say ‘whatever’,” Tamera explained.

    When it comes to revealing more of themselves on a reality show, Tia sees both the pros and cons of it. The biggest con being the haters.

    “Someone has an opinion about who you’re married to, dating, your son’s name. If you’re secure and solid in what you believe, that’s not going to matter. I’ve had that practice for a while now. I’m used to the criticism,” she said.

    As far as the positive aspects of life in front of the cameras, Tia considers the show an opportunity to thank the twins’ years-long fans.

    “We’re ready to share our world and share with our fans who we are. We have a fan base that’s stayed with us for a while,” Tia said. “We kind of want to give back to them.”




    —Tracy L. Scott



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