Daily Buzz 8.5.11

    Preview: ‘LaLa’s Full Court Life’

    LaLa’s readjusting to life in NYC in the supertrailer for "LaLa’s Full Court Life." Carmelo Anthony and LaLa had to pick up and move very quickly when he signed to the New York Knicks.

    As soon as the announcement was made, everything went nuts, but the newlyweds still have to hold it together for their potentially expanding family. Take a look at everything they’ve got to put up with when you watch the supertrailer below.


    VH1 teases season 3 trailer for ‘The T.O. Show’

    T.O. is getting back in shape while he contemplates the next phase of his career on season 3 of "The T.O. Show," but that’s not his only problem.

    While he recuperates, the NFL player struggles with what would happen to the people around him if he can’t return to the gridiron. And it looks like his would-be fiancée, Kerry, could be back in the picture.

    That rubs both Mo and Kita the wrong way, which may be the only thing they seem to agree about in the supertrailer below. Take a look!


    Beyoncé’s down with ‘Jersey Shore’

    Beyoncé has been sucked in by the GTL!  The singer revealed in the latest issue of Marie Claire that, even though it took her a while to warm up to it, her favorite show is MTV’s "Jersey Shore." 

    "I thought, ‘I’m not going to watch this!’ because it was so hyped, but it’s hilarious," she said.

    When she’s not watching The Situation and Snookie, Bey said she enjoys watching the classic film A Star Is Born. Of course, it could just be preparation for her next big role.

    "My mother would put it on for me when I was young, so it’s an honor to be in the remake with Clint Eastwood," Bey said, confirming that she will be starring in the film.


    Emily Bustamente getting cozy with Michael Vick?

    "Love & Hip Hop" starlet Emily Bustamente might be moving on to a baller. According to MediaTakeOut.com, Emily and her old flame Michael Vick have been seeing a lot of each other lately.

    It seems the two grew up together in Virginia and even dated at one point, but they’ve supposedly remained friends ever since their split. A source told MTO, however, that the two have recently gotten closer than ever, even though the baller is engaged to Kijafa Frink.

    Apparently that friendship goes beyond the ex-couple, as Emily reportedly she still hangs out with Michael’s brother and talks to his mother frequently.

    Nether Emily nor Michael has commented on the gossip at this time.


    Rihanna rewinds first love?

    Rihanna could be rekindling her first love while partying up in Barbados. The

    Daily Mail reports that the "S&M" singer and Negus Sealy have practically been attached at the hip since she went home about two weeks ago.

    "Negus has hardly left her side. He was her first true love. The ladies here all love him—they call him the Love God," a source said. 

    Pictures of the two bumping and grinding at a festival a couple of days ago have made their way around the web. Apparently it’s nothing new for them to be so affectionate. The soursce said, ‘They’ve hooked up in the past when she’s been back in Barbados, but now things have progressed into a proper relationship again.’

    Rihanna and Negus first dated in 2006 and it’s rumored that they attempted to give the relationship another go in 2009 after her split from Chris Brown.

    —Sonya Eskridge


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