‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 8.9.11

    Benched: Eric Williams

    MVP:  Evelyn Lozada

    T-shirt line: "Everybody was going for the condoms, I was going for the dollars."

    "Basketball Wives" wrapped up its season with a splash as Jennifer Williams celebrated her divorce.

    It’s been a long season of back and forth with Jennifer and Eric Williams, as their divorce chugged along at a tediously slow pace. But we’ll get to them in a minute.

    The show opened with a snubbed Royce going off about being stood up at lunch. If she wasn’t done with Jen, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal before, she definitely is now.

    But considering that their last meeting of the minds involved drink-throwing and security guards, maybe it was better that Jen exited stage left. They can always have their conversation during the reunion.

    Moving on…did you see that fight with Evelyn and Chad? Are we still doubting the validity of their relationship? Not so much. Only couples that are invested in each other argue like that.

    BTW, we totally side with Evelyn on this one. Chad has to know that chicks are coming for him, regardless of his relationship status. How many of you know regular couples facing problems with a third party trying to intervene on the relationship? When you add fame and money to the equation, it amps up the thirstiness.

    As we see it, Evelyn’s being all the way real by telling Chad that other women need to take a backseat to her. They’re engaged, and the vows do say "forsaking all others," which would probably include any former bed buddies.  

    And if Chad isn’t going to push the other chicks completely out of the circle, he does need to give Evelyn a head’s up. There’s no room for secrets in a relationship, especially if you’re trying to get married.

    While we’re on the topic of marriage, Jen was celebrating the end of her union with a divorce party, but her estranged hubby Eric chose to drown his sorrows in a bitter man-chat with his business partner. You mad, Eric? It seems as though he’s definitely been keeping tabs on Jen throughout the divorce.

    Maybe that’s why Jen was so ready to celebrate her freedom, and the shindig seemed to be everything that she had been dreaming of—complete with copious amounts of condoms and a cute man to kiss. Get it, Jen! 

    We’re happy that she’s finally getting her groove back and all, but she went a little overboard with the man-bashing. If she wasn’t gleefully hacking away at a fondant model of her ex-husband, she was beating the crap of an Eric-shaped piñata. We know she’s happy to be rid of him, but she made it a little weird.

    Of course, she may have been trying to get all the rage out of her system for the final showdown with Eric. It threw us off that he strolled up to the table, talking about "my lady" and giving her a kiss on the cheek, but the pleasantries were soon put aside. It was quick switch from his initial approach to him basically saying she was a non-motherf*#king factor.

    By now we’ve all seen the clip of him throwing the drink her face, but that didn’t come out of nowhere. Apparently she cast the first cocktail, which is really not a good look. We were actually shocked to see Jen pick up a glass and throw it at his back because it’s really out-of-character. Still, it doesn’t justify his actions.

    But tell us what you think: Did Jen get what she deserved or should Eric have just walked away?




    —Sonya Eskridge




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