Tami Roman wants to change

    After watching this season of "Basketball Wives," Tami Roman said she’s got a few more things to work on.

    During this cycle of "BBW," it seemed like Tami couldn’t get through one episode without fighting with somebody. Things reached their peak when she jumped cast mate Meeka Claxton while on a trip to Rome, which may be why Meeka was absent from the last two episodes of the season.

    Tami revealed during an interview with the Examiner that she wasn’t portayed in the best light, but she’s not blaming it on editing. Instead, the volatile reality star admits that she’s got to do better. "I’m watching it and looking at it and acknowledging that there’s something that needs to change," she admitted.

    "The incident with Meeka: I’m embarrassed by that. I’m not proud of that. That showed me, ‘Tami, you need to work on some things,’" said Tami, who thinks she came off a bit paranoid on the show this go-round. "’You don’t have to lash out when you’re upset.’"

    The ladies of "Basketball Wives" don’t get to watch the season before home audiences, so the cast is taking it all in like any other viewer. Tami suggested that it actually offers the women a more objective look at their behavior… kind of like instant replay for real life.

    "When I watch certain things, there are aspects that, I too, see what everybody else sees and certain things that I don’t like," she said, "so it serves as a mirror for me to be able to work at changing certain things."

    This was Tami’s second season on the show, which she is grateful for because it allows her to grow and track her own progress. "That’s one of the good things—it allows me to step outside of myself and see myself," she stated. 

    So what did she change last time? She put down the cigarettes. "In season 2, I was a heavy, heavy smoker. I no longer smoke," Tami explained. "I saw myself smoking on TV and I didn’t like the way that looked. It was not classy."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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