Game considers sit-down with 50 Cent

    Rapper Game said he’s willing to sit down with 50 Cent and hash things out, but until then, he’s acting like 50 doesn’t even exist.

    “I never heard of him… I don’t know who you’re talking about,” he responded when S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown asked Game about 50 Cent in a recent interview.

    Game, who didn’t even speak 50 Cent’s name, explained that he and producer Dr. Dre have mended fences, but Game is still estranged from his former G-Unit partner whom he referred to as “half a dollar.”

    “We got back together like Ike and Tina,” he said joking about the still-tense relationship.

     All is not lost, though. Game said he’d be willing to speak to 50 under one condition.

    “Why don’t you put it together?” he asked Jamie. “If you can put it together, then I’ll sit down,” he challenged her.

    Watch more of the clip here and pick up the September 2011 issue for more from Game.



    —Tracy L. Scott



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