Snoop pleads guilty in heroin case

    Felicia ‘Snoop’ Pearson has taken a plea deal in the heroin case stemming from a drug bust earlier this year.

    The former "The Wire" actress pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to sell heroin, according to The Baltimore Sun.

    This comes five months after she was arrested in a pre-dawn raid in Baltimore that netted more than 60 people.

    Although she was initially arrested for aiding and abetting, Felicia maintained her innocence during the months leading up to her court date this week. The actress said she only accepted a plea deal so that she could put this whole ordeal behind her.

    "I have things to do; I have to move on with my life," Snoop told reporters outside of the courthouse before sharing how she plans to stay out of trouble. "I’m moving to L.A. I’m out of here, man."

    Snoop could pack up any day as she left her trial a free woman. A Baltimore Circuit Court judge had sentenced her to seven years in prison, but aside from the five months she spent under house arrest before her trial, all of the time was suspended. If Snoop violates the terms of her probation during the next three years, however, she could be sent to lockup to serve the remainder of her time.

    "This was an agreement that we pounded out with the state. We’re not happy to plead guilty in this case, but it would have taken a long time to go to trial," said Snoop’s attorney, Benjamin Sutley. "It’s a sentence that I think was appropriate given everything about it."

    "Like my lawyer said, it would have taken one or two years for me to get a trial date, so I have to keep moving," said the actress.

    Snoop could be too busy to get in trouble, though. After her trial let out, Snoop revealed that she’s got two film projects in the works.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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