Star Jones has ‘meltdown’ at polo match

    Things got ugly when Star Jones had a run-in with security guards at a polo match this last weekend.

    If we didn’t know better, we’d think Star was trying to audition for a spot on "Basketball Wives." Something about Polo must drive celebrities nuts.

    According to sources for the New York Daily News, Star was not on her best behavior a the Bridgehampton Polo Club at the Two Trees Farm on Saturday. Reportedly, she "practically had a meltdown" when a security guard blocked her path back into the VIP section.

    It all started when Star showed up for the match with about a dozen people, including her niece and a dog. After showing the necessary credentials, her group sat in a VIP section and got a security escort, courtesy of the match’s organizers.

    After a polo tradition called the stomping of the divots, where spectators are allowed onto the field, Star tried to re-enter the VIP section by stepping over a low fence. Apparently, she’d seen several others slip past the security guard to do the same and tried to follow suit.

    The TV host, however, was caught by one guard, who told her that she would have to go around because she "was not allowed to step over the fence."  Witnesses claim that Star immediately caught attitude with the young man, telling him that he couldn’t speak to her like that shouting, "I’ll step over if I want to!"

    The guard didn’t budge, but he offered a polite apology as Star was made to use the designated entrance back into the VIP.

    Allegedly, you also had to be a VIP to talk to Star. Insiders said that while Star had a great time partying with other famous polo fans—like Howard Stern’s wife Beth Stern—she snubbed just about everyone else.

    Star’s camp has denied the claims, stating that witnesses’ accounts are "100 percent inaccurate" and that she had "a pleasurable day."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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