New study shows hope for Black brides

    A new study shows that it’s not as hard for Black women to find a husband as some reports have led you to believe.

    Every so often the country will ask the immortal question "why are so many Black women single?" ABC even ran a report  contemplating that very conundrum and enlisted the help of Steve Harvey to come up with a few solutions. And, with movies like Something New, it seems that Black women are all but doomed to settle or spend their lives alone.

    But take heart, ladies: A new study (focused in Washington, D.C., and Atlanta) is putting the whole matter under the microscope, and the findings may improve your outlook! According to research done by Dr. Ivory Toldson of Howard University and the Institute For Social Research, the vast majority of Black women do manage to land a  husband.

    We all know the statistic that 43 percent of Black women at least 18 years old aren’t married. However, when looking at the number of unmarried Black women that are 35 and older, the number drops to just 25 percent. 

    Black women shouldn’t be discouraged by a supposed lack of successful Black men for them to choose from, either. Although many college-educated sistas want their man to have a degree, there are 10 professions that allow Black men to earn a six-figure salary, whether they have a bachelor’s or not. The top five are: Managers, truck drivers, police officers, construction worker and bailiffs. In other words, although your potential match might work a blue-collar job, there’s a chance he could still be pulling in serious stacks.

    Next, Dr. Ivory debunked the theory that most "good" availble Black are either uninterested in Black women or gay. According to the results, 88 percent of all Black man who are married, found a wife within their race. And among Black professionals earning at least $100,000 year, 83 percent of them have a Black wife.

    Women trying to go for a baller still have a shot, too. The study found that 72.8 percent of Black professional atheletes are married to Black women.

    Lastly, don’t stress about the 10:1 ratio. According to Dr. Ivory’s study, the ratio or available of Black women to available Black men is actually 1.3:1 in both Atlanta and D.C.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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