Suzie Ketcham is Team Tami

    As if there was any question about where Suzie Ketcham’s loyalty lies, the “Basketball Wives” star used Facebook to confirm that she’s 100 percent Team Tami.

    “So many mixed opinions from everyone about the Tami/Meeka fight, but all I have to say is…#teamtami!” Suzie wrote more than a week after the infamous altercation that sent Meeka Claxton on the first thing smoking out of Rome.

    Suzie was blamed for instigating things between Meeka and Tami when she repeated Meeka’s comment accusing Tami of being a hypocrite. If Meeka did consider Suzie her confidante, she’s hopefully realized that Suzie—who has often been called out on her inability to keep a secret—isn’t her BFF.

    Although some considered Suzie’s actions a betrayal to Meeka, she defended her decisions to tell Tami everything Meeka said. Afterall, she’s Team Tami.

    “Off the show, [Tami] has become a real friend & I would’ve been a worse person for being shady to her & not letting her know what was being said behind her back.” Suzie wrote.

    “Call it what you want. Not once did I want Meeka to get hurt. That’s the truth. To all those who don’t agree with me…it’s just a show,” she said.



    —Tracy L. Scott




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