Tamera Mowry talks twin telepathy

    Tamera Mowry is so tight with her twin sister Tia that she can feel her from miles away, even during labor!

    People often joke that twins have a special type of psychic link, but for Tamera it’s real. “Tia and I have twin telepathy," she told The Huffington Post. " I know exactly what she’s thinking, I can feel her and I can sense her. All I have to do is look in her eyes and I can tell what she’s thinking and vice versa.”

    That deep, sisterly connection really kicked in when Tia went into labor before delivering her son Cree Taylor a few weeks ago.  The recently married actress revealed that she was literally able to feel Tia’s pain.

    “I actually felt one of her contractions! I knew she was having some type of pain—I felt it," Tamera dished. Speaking of dish, it seems Tamera also developed a taste for some of Tia’s favorite snacks, too. "I was craving the things she was craving, like nachos! I don’t even eat nachos."

    Tia and Tamera have always been close, but their bond was challenged when two major life events collided, and Style Network viewers will see that this season on the twins’ reality show, "Tia & Tamera."

    “My sister and I are going through some of the most vulnerable moments in a woman’s life," Tamera explained. "I’m getting married and Tia is getting ready to have her first child, and these events are happening at the same time, so although we want to be in each other’s lives, we can’t all of the time, and this causes some frustration and a lot of tears.”

    Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and it can often be a stressful process especially when throwing in the politics of the wedding party! But planning taught Tamera a lot, and when asked what advice she has for Kim Kardashian, she told her fellow reality TV star to just relax and remember the purpose of the day.

    “Just realize it’s not going to be perfect. No matter how perfect you want it, oh honey, something will go wrong," Tamera advised, adding that something went wrong at her wedding and Style Networks was there to capture it. "It’s not really about your wedding; it’s about you and your future husband coming together to celebrate your future life. She’s gorgeous though," Tamera said about Kim. "I can’t wait to see her dress.”

    Unlike Kim, Tamera married her husband Adam Housley after more than six years of dating on and off. While waiting that long would have driven other women crazy, Tamera said she didn’t mind taking her time to get to the altar. She used the time to get to know her husband and the life they were building.

    “I never wanted to be married in the infatuation stage. A lot of the time when people get married in the infatuation, it will go down. That is inevitable," Tamera said. "The infatuation stage will not last forever. I’d rather marry my husband in the stage where I know what I’m getting into and what it’s going to be like for our life together.”



    —Sonya Eskridge




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