Meagan Good dodges DUI

    Meagan Good had a great night while celebrating her 30th birthday, and she’s thankful it didn’t end in an accident.

    The Think Like A Man actress revealed that cops pulled her over after leaving her party earlier this week. Rumors immediately started flying that she was pulled over for drunk driving, but Meagan hit up Twitter yesterday to reveal what really went down.

    "For the record all … I DID NOT get a DUI. I got pulled over because the valet turned my lights off," Meagan tweeted. "Once they found out I was leaving my own birthday party, they insisted I must of had at least a drink and expressed they’d feel more comfortable with someone else driving me home."

    After the run-in with authorities, Meagan’s sister Li’Miya Good, drove the actress home safely. The outcome was more than fine with Meagan, who realizes that the cops could very well have saved her life.

    "I definitely wasn’t gonna argue with that because I recognize God’s grace when I see it," Meagan wrote, admitting that she was wrong for getting behind the wheel with any amount of alcohol in her system.  "Whether I had one drink or five drinks, the law says zero drinks so I’m thanking God I got through my 30th and praising God for the grace only he can give!”



    —Sonya Eskridge




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