Tyrese under fire for video vixen choice

    It’s one thing for Black women not to get any love from the sexy Brad Pitt’s of the world or even biracial beefcake like Lenny Kravitz; however, Tyrese fans are feeling some type of way about the chocolate brother’s choice of model for his latest video.

    Tyrese, whose dark complexion only adds to his sexiness, released a video for his new track, “I Gotta Chick.” The sultry song’s music video features many women, most of whom are fair skinned.

    When questioned about the decision not to have women of his own complexion in the production, Tyrese said, “I welcomed ALL women and went with the BEST.”

    Fans are wondering whether Tyrese’s statement implies that the Black women who auditioned weren’t the best of the bunch, but the crooner said he doesn’t discriminate or do favors based on race.

    “I don’t do favors.. Doesn’t matter the race!!… Love my sisters!!” he tweeted.

    Although some criticized Tyrese for his vixen choices, others are glad he didn’t select any dark-skinned women for the video, which features ladies in bikinis on all fours with some rubbing on one another.

    That’s not exactly a depiction of Black women that society needs more of.

    As far as his video is concerned, Tyrese decided to challenge his haters, as opposed to apologizing.

    “You got a problem with the videos and movies.. DIRECT THEM YOURSELF!!” he wrote.


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    Watch the video below.



    What do you think about Tyrese’s video? Does it need more chocolate sisters or are you glad the darker women were excluded?



    —Tracy L. Scott



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