‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 8.16.11

    John Salley

    Benched: Meeka Claxton

    The women of "Basketball Wives" kept it relatively tame during Part 1 of the season 3 reunion. In comparison to the rest of the season, last night’s show wasn’t nearly as explosive as the last few episodes. Of course, it’s difficult to top that beat-down in Rome.

    Reunion host John Salley gave Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O’Neal, Royce Reed, Suzie Ketcham, Jennifer Williams and Meeka Claxton one last chance to clear that air about all of this season drama. Whether it was getting clarification about who really said what, or why person A and person B don’t get along, all the ladies on the team got a chance to be real.

    In our opinion, John was the highlight of the reunion, playing the entertaining instigator as he kept the show rolling along. His reactions, questions and facial expressions were nothing but pure comedy!

    Nothing new was really uncovered during part 1, though. Royce still doesn’t get along with Evelyn and Jen, Suzie’s still trying to stay in good with the mean girls and Shaunie mostly stayed out of the way.

    Jennifer Williams had her say about her divorce while sharing a little too much about herself. To be honest, we were a little disappointed to see that her estranged husband Eric Williams opted not to show up and address the drink-throwing incident in the season finale, even though he had been invited. Hopefully, they’ll discuss it like adults off-camera.

    We noticed that Tami was on her very best behavior on Monday, and she actually seemed to be in a much better mood. She even tried poking fun at her Roman rumble with Meeka, which didn’t go over so well with the "Basketball Wives" newbie. But producers were smart to place a very wide coffee table between them.

    Looking back, Meeka’s attitude seemed to show the most significant change at  the reunion. During the season she was incredibly pressed to be in Evelyn’s circle—often rubbing viewers the wrong way—but not last night!  Meeka said Monday that she couldn’t care less about being BFFs with the queen bees of  "BBW." Who would have seen shift that coming?!

    We wonder what prompted Meeka—who hasn’t been seen since accusing Suzie of setting her up—to re-evaluate her alliances on the cast. Was it getting popped in the face by Tami or did season 3 as a whole leave a bad taste in her mouth? Hmmm…something to ponder.

    The most explosive part of this otherwise uneventful evening came when Evelyn confronted Meeka about her thirstines and accused Meeka of biting "BBW" style. Somehow Meeka’s stylist was even dragged into the situation! See how Evelyn shut her down when you watch part 1 of the "Basketball Wives" season 3 reunion below.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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