Sneak Peek: ‘LaLa’s Full Court Life’

    "LaLa’s Full Court Life" doesn’t debut on VH1 until next week, but you can catch the first episode right now!

    LaLa Vazquez doesn’t need to be on "Basketball Wives" when she’s got a show of her own, and she’s actually married!

    The premiere episode of "LaLa’s Full Court Life" picks up as the NBA trade season begins, and LaLa’s stuck at home in Denver stressing over her family’s next move. Luckily, she’s able to call on her support system, including BFF Kelly Rowland and her homegirl Po.

    The TV host and her hubby, Carmelo Anthony, try their best to stay busy (and distracted). In a heated bowling competition, they pit the men against the women and the stakes are high: someone from the losing team has to run outside naked in the icy weather.

    LaLa might have a hard time keeping her head in the game, though, as she tries to set Kelly up with one of Carmelo’s teammates. Was there a love connection? Find out when you watch the premiere episode of "LaLa’s Full Court Life" below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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