T.I. pens final prison letter

    T.I. reflected on what this stay in prison has taught him and told fans that he plans to hit the reset button on his music.

    As September release draws closer, the rapper sent his final letter to fans from the penitentiary. In the letter, posted to his blog, the rapper thanked his loyals for the continued  support

    "This will be my last message from Forrest City. Just reaching out and sending my love, respect and appreciation to all who have been ridin’ with me throughout this chapter in my life," he wrote in the letter, which was posted to his blog.

    The Atlanta rapper credits the support of his fans, and "God’s grace," for helping make it through this incarceration. As T.I. put these things helped him to endure his 10-month stay in lockup because he was choosing to tune out his detractors and accept the postive energy flowing his way.

    But he said that all of his turmoil did serve its purpose, stating, "We complain about the pain so much that we don’t even notice how much stronger, wiser and better of a person the suffering has allowed us to become."

    T.I. even referenced a great philospher in his letter. "I heard Pac say once, ‘To live is to suffer and to survive is to find meaning in that suffering.’ I later found out it came from an author by the name of Friedrich Nietzsche," T.I. shared. "Now that I’ve gone through it and grown from it those words have a real true meaning to me. I know this won’t be my last battle with adversity but it has truly prepared me for whatever else may come in the future."

    Tip has been teasing fans about his musical plans since his first letter from prison, but this time, he let readers know that he’s about to go back to basics with his sound. "When I touch down, I’m going all the way back to square one," T.I. wrote, "like I’m fresh in the game and never sold a record. Back on some I’M SERIOUS, TRAP MUZIK sh!t."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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