Chris Bosh loses babymama battle

    Chris Bosh has lost a court battle to keep his babymama, Allison Mathis, off of VH1’s "Basketball Wives." reports that a federal court dismissed Chris’ case against Allison on Thursday afternoon.

    Chris originally filed suit against Allison in May when he heard that she was in talks with Shaunie O’Neal to join the reality show. He argued that her participation would be bad for his brand and that she would speak disparagingly of him.

    Reportedly Chris claimed that Allison was only trying to earn money by using his name and intruding on his life. His suit also alleged that Allison wouldn’t let him see their two-year-old daughter, Trinity.

    However, a judge called a foul on Chris’ filing and ejected his suit from court on Thursday.

    "From Ms. Mathis’ perspective, the judge’s order confirms her view that the suit was frivolous and was merely an attempt to bully and harrass her," Allison’s lawyer said in statement.  "Clearly, Mr. Bosh’s energy would be better spent focusing on basketball, rather than filing baseless lawsuits in a futile attempt to intimidate his child’s mother."

    Could this mean that Allison will appear on the next season of "Basketball Wives?" It’s possible. Shaunie’s said that since Meeka Claxton’s not coming back, they are looking for her replacement.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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