Marvin Sapp plans live album

    Marvin Sapp is ready to record a new album and be a testimony following the tragic death of his wife.

    The gospel singer told that he’ll be exploring unfamiliar territory with I’m Still Standing, a live album of completely new material. It’s not that being onstage makes him nervous, but rather the location.

    "It’s the first time I’ve actually done a live record outside of my comfort zone… of Grand Rapids, Michigan," Marvin admitted, "D.C. is one my largest audiences. They buy tons of records of mine in Washington, D.C…. So we’re going to do something different and see how it works."

    Marvin is slated to record I’m Still Standing at the Evangel Cathedral in Upper Marlboro, Maryland (a D.C. suburb), on October 7. This will be the first album that the "Never Would Have Made It" singer has recorded since the passing of his wife, MaLinda, last September due to colon cancer.

    The album will speak to how Marvin has persevered in such a difficult time, adjusting to life as a single parent while staying strong for his children.

    "The focus of this record is how you can come through situations and still remain on top," Marvin explained. "It’s about how the enemy has a way of hitting you with stuff to cause you to fold and buckle, but I’m still standing."

    While speaking of his family, he added, "We’re doing good. I tell people all the time, as long as my kids are doing good, I’m gonna be alright. They’re adjusting very well, and I just really try to keep them well and loving one another.

    The new family dynamic has even inspired a new saying in the Sapp household. "We’ve got a slogan—’us four, no more,’" Marvin revealed. "Right now it’s just us, and as long as that remains the focus, I believe the rest of our days will be blessed."

    The "Thirsty" singer is still preparing music for his concert in October, and he said he’s aiming for an energetic sound this time around. The single "I Made It Through" will be a perfect example of the new vibe, which the artist said is "Marvin Sapp with an edge."

    Going a little more in-depth about his new edge, Marvin said, "It’s gonna be a little more high-energy, the production’s gonna be a little tighter. Even though I’m doing the whole album live, some is going to sound live and some will sound like it’s studio. We’re gonna mix it up."

    Marvins fans will have to wait a while to hear how seamless I’m Still Standing sounds, as it’s not slated for released until 2012.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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