‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 8.23.11

    Benched: Suzie Ketcham

    MVP: Tami Roman

    T-Shirt Line: "I was gonna lay off yo’ a$$…yo’ Black a$$."

    The ladies of "Basketball Wives" wrapped season 3 with a rather unremarkable reunion.

    Part 2 of the "Basketball Wives" season 3 reunion offered much of the same we’ve been seeing all season, and it left us throughly unintersted. Nothing was resolved, nothing was clarified, it was just the same bickering we’ve seen the last couple of months!

    Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed still don’t see eye to eye about Royce’s meeting with Jen’s estranged husband, Eric Williams. Jen still feels some type of way about the fact that Royce didn’t tell her about their business lunch to discuss a possible movie role. However, Royce said her attempts to let Jen know were refused.

    Long story short, these two won’t be meeting up for a friendly chit-chat over lunch anytime soon.

    Shaunie O’Neal mostly remained silent, much as she has throughout the season! There’s not really much to say about her, but she did agree with Royce that there needs to be more balance on the show. The audience can watch only so many catfights before we get bored.

    Evelyn Lozada also continued the campaign to validate her relationship with Chad Ochocinco. As we reported last week, she announced that she’ll ideally marry her baller next summer, after more than a year of engagement. After they make it official, they’ll work on having those twins they want. Until then, Chad’s essence remains on ice.

    Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton also battled back and forth, but there’s nothing new there. It was funny, though, that Meeka was trying to call Tami out about what she may or may not have said via Twitter. That leads us to wonder: Is re-tweeting something as good as saying it yourself? In our opinion, that’s just co-signing someone else’s thoughts at best.

    We can’t disagree with Tami’s opinion that not everyone who got a championship ring really earned it. If a player never came off the bench all season and the team won, then how much did that player really contribute to the victory? We’ll let you think on that for a bit.

    Moving on, we were surprised to see the rest of the cast take up for Suzie Ketcham.  All season, it looked like Suzie couldn’t wait to spread everyone’s business around in her effort to rejoin "the circle."

    Imagine our shock when Shaunie et al stated that Suzie wasn’t so much a snitch as a misguided peacemaker. All of her efforts to bring both factions from the "BBW" camp together have blown up in her face without exception.

    While she did feel a little bad about having a hand in Meeka’s beatdown, she didn’t feel bad enough to not snap on the "BBW" newbie during the reunion. Suzie’s outburst came off looking like an attempt to beat up on the cast target to show the popular girls that she could act just like them. 



    We had to throw our hands up in surrender when Evelyn said Suzie told her that Royce said she wasn’t going to sign on for next season (Really, Suzie?)! We give up! Clearly she has not learned the fine art of shutting the he!! up. On the flip side, why do the other women on the show keep talking to her?  It should be assumed that anything you tell Suzie will be broadcast news.

    By far, the highlight of the reunion was the sneak peek of "Basketball Wives: L.A.," which seems to be the same cattiness in a different backdrop. All jokes aside, though, we will be tuning in for that show!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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