Daily Buzz 8.24.11

    Lil Wayne shows ‘How To Love’

    Lil Wayne is trying to teach everyone the importance of learning how to love, and making the right decisions, in his new video.

    In "How To Love," the rapper takes viewers on two very different journeys that started in the same spot. The video shows the life of a girl that was nearly being aborted.

    In one version, she grows up in a hostile environment where she’s molested. In the other, her mother opts to leave an abusive relationship and move in with her family. Find out how these stories end when you watch the very touching "How To Love" below.



    Khia arrested

    Rapper Khia was  arrested for trying to keep the repo man from taking off with her suff!

    According to police records, Khia was taken into custody over the weekend for “concealing/endangering property-secured interest” under GA code 16-9-51. That means that the rapper was caught trying to hide an item from a person that was trying to claim it for non-payment.

    There’s no word on what the item may have been, but blogs are assuming that she was probably trying to hide a car.

    Khia was locked up shortly after midnight on August 21, but she got out around 1 p.m. that afternoon after posting $500 bail.


    Macy Gray selling spotlight

    You too can sing with Macy Gray, but it will cost you.  The Boombox blog reports that Macy will is selling fans the opportunity to sing backup for the low, low price of $1,350.

    It’s not clear how many spots are open, but a lucky few will get to sing the chorus for a track on Macy’s upcoming album. The recording session, which will run from noon to 3 p.m. on September 4, will be supervised by producer Hall Wilner.

    But Macy is really looking to give her investors–um…we mean…fans–their money’s worth.  Not only will they get to sing with Macy, but they’ll also get to have lunch with her at the studio.

    If you’re dying to make music with Macy, head over to GiltCity.com to put in your bid.


    Nicki Minaj moving in with Rihanna?

    There’s word that Nicki Minaj might be staying with famous friend after leaving a volatile relationship.

    MediaTakeOut.com reports that Nicki has broken up with Sarafee Samuels weeks after their fight at hotel in Dallas, and she’s  moved out of their home. Rumor has it that the "Super Bass" rapper will be rooming with Rihanna soon.
    Neither of the ladies has commented on the gossip at this time, but Nicki is supposedly staying in a hotel at this time.

    BET.com debuts ‘8 Days A Week’

    BET.com is about to give a little shine to the struggles of young professionals everywhere with its new web series "8 Days A Week."

    The show will follow six young people striving to make their dreams a reality while fighting their own personal battles.

    "8 Days A Week" premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on BET.com



    —Sonya Eskridge




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