Lauryn Hill reflects on ‘Miseducation’

    Lauryn Hill is reflecting on the lasting success of her breakout solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

    Thirteen years after Lauryn dropped the classic album, the singer sat down with Reebok to talk about what made the album great. Was it the message, the beats, or simply the fact that Lauryn was just composing something she could vibe to?

    "I make music not necessarily for selfish reasons, but I make the music that I want to hear" Lauryn said in a video recorded just days after she delivered her new baby. "When you find that other people want to hear that too, how could you not be excited about that?"

    Why wouldn’t people love it?!  L-Boogie said her music from Miseducation was all about bringing different types of folks together.  Her mission was to inspire fans to begin understanding those that don’t look, talk or act like anyone they usually pal around with.

    "Miseducation was sort of a play on low and high culture coming together," said Lauryn, who was trying to impart non-traditional wisdom and life lessons in a way that everyone could enjoy. "This album was going to be sort of an embodiment of those type of rules and lessons…what sort of a more formal paradigm might call uneducated."

    The singer credits much of the album’s success to her conviction in the ideas she put forth. But, she acknowledges that she wasn’t just speaking to different classes in one generation, she was talking to people of all ages through her style of music. Specifically, Lauryn infused the old-school tunes she grew up on with a contemporary sound that captivated the ears of the "TRL" generation.

    "I feel as though I acted as sort of a bridge between an older generation and a younger generation," Lauryn explained. "I had to put these two musical styles together to build a continum so that there wasn’t so much of a disconnect between generations. I think Miseducation was really what that was all about."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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