MeMpHiTz explains gun incident

    MeMpHiTz’s camp swears the rapper really didn’t mean to bring a firearm to the airport this week.

    Toya Wright’s husband was locked up on Monday when TSA agents at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport found a .40-caliber Desert Eagle gun in his backpack. Although the BET personality said he just forgot the weapon was in his belongings, authorities still hauled him off to jail, where he remained until Tuesday.

    Many questioned why MeMpHiTz would even pack a firearm in his bag, while others wonder how something like this could have slipped his mind. As his publicist put it, he was the victim of poor time management.

    "Although he does have a valid license to carry the weapon, he had no intention of transporting it on the plane," rep Brandi Hunter, said in a statement. "In his haste to make his flight, he neglected to remove the firearm from his luggage."

    According to WSBTV in Atlanta, Toya was in the courtroom as MeMpHiTz stood before a judge in Clayton County Magistrate Court on Tuesday. He was released after posting $5,000 bond, but it is not clear if he will face charges. Supposedly, Toya said outside court that too much had been made of the incident.

    Meanwhile, MeMpHiTz is just happy to be out of lockup. "1rst Off Sorry 2 My Family & Fans that this Craziness took place. & I’m SO HAPPY MY Beautiful Wife Came 2 Get My Ass!! I’m FREE!!!" he tweeted upon release.

    The brief stint behind bars seems to have shed new light on things he usually takes for granted. Yesterday he tweeted, "On my way 2 the gym. & its amazing how Im noticing little things 2day that I always look over, Like MY Toothbrush, MY closet, MY Shower etc!"



    —Sonya Eskridge




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    MeMpHiTz arrested on gun charges

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