Two Eddie Long accusers writing a book

    Apparently, Bishop Eddie Long didn’t pay his accusers enough because two of them are speaking out, despite the fact that they could be in a violation of a confidentiality clause.

    “I love that I hate him, and I hate that I love him," said accuser Jamal Parris who has a “JL” tattoo on his arm that he says stands for "Jamal Long."

    Jamal said he was disgusted and couldn’t stop crying when he saw the bishop stand before his congregation and compare himself to David fighting a Goliath battle.

    In the end, Eddie actually settled and didn’t fight the charges in court.
    Spencer LeGrande, another one of the accusers, said that the he and the three men who say they were molested by Eddie as teens are the David in this battle.

    Jamal and Spencer are currently working on a book that they say will shed more light on their side of the story.

    “I don’t care if this book sells one copy,” said Jamal, who said he’s writing the book for him and will likely need lots of therapy before he can trust anyone again.

    Spencer told Atlanta’s Action News, “We’re trying to break people loose about their fear of coming out and speaking.”

    Watch the interviews here.


    —Tracy L. Scott



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