Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan split?

    There’s word that Matt Barnes has cut Gloria Govan from the team.

    Just days before her big debut on "Basketball Wives: LA," there are rumors that Matt dumped Gloria.

    According to a source for, Matt supposedly got fed up with all of Gloria’s "reckless talk" and split. Matt has declined to comment on the gossip thus far, but Gloria addressed it on Twitter.

    "People are always going to try and find a way to bring you down," she tweeted yesterday, neither confirming nor denying the breakup. "Your rumors aren’t going to ruin my last day in paradise, sorry!!! SMH"

    On the subject of being "in paradise," when one of her 28,000+ followers asked Gloria if she was on a cast trip, the reality TV star just tweeted, ":-D… Lol I’m pleading the 5th."

    This isn’t the first time that Matt and Gloria’s relationship has been called into question, either. The couple was supposed to get married last August, but just days before the wedding would have taken place, they called it off. According to them, getting married wasn’t the right move for them at the time.

    Then there were also reports that they were involved in a domestic dispute. Matt was later cleared of all domestic violence charges back in October.

    Rumors aside, Matt and Gloria’s relationship will likely play out on "Basketball Wives: LA," when it debuts August 29 at 8 p.m. EST.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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