Hill Harper battling thyroid cancer

    Actor-author Hill Harper is revealing his personal, and newly discovered, struggle with cancer in an upcoming book.

    While shooting Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls, Hill was alarmed to find one morning that he couldn’t swallow. A doctor later told him that he was suffering from thyroid cancer.

    His diagnosis will be mentioned in his new book The Wealth Cure, Hill told News One. “I started by talking about my own personal journey,” he stated. “That’s the cure side of the book.”

    The book is a literary extension of his Manifest Your Desire Foundation, and it will urge readers to do what they can to improve their lives despite the resources (or lack thereof) at their disposal.

    “I started to see [people] would use money as an excuse for not living the the best version of their lives,” Hill recalled. “‘I really want to do this, and I cant afford it.’ That’s when a light bulb came on.”

    The actor recognized that the five steps he’s taking to improve his health could also help people correct their financial situations. According to The Wealth Cure, the first step to monetary wellness is diagnosis. From there the book will advise readers on a treatment plan, how to stick with that plan, general maintenance and, finally, how to thrive.

    "You can’t be free if the cost of being you is too high," he reasons. Hill also drops in a lessons on how to tell the difference between "smart money" and "dumb money."

    “Smart money is when you have $1 before you go to sleep. Your head hits the pillow, and when you wake up, it’s worth more or the same," Hill explains. “Dumb money is when you wake up and that money you’ve spent on something is worthless. When we’re spending 40 cents of every dollar to service our debt, that’s dumb money.”

    Hill finished The Wealth Cure during his treatment for thyroid cancer. One of the things that hit him hardest is that several men in his family have died from cancer, but now that he’s had his thyroid removed, he’s got a brighter outlook on his future.
    “I feel like I’m gonna live long, healthy and happy,” Hill said. “I just claim it that I’ve been cured.”

    He’s also able to joke about what his treatment could mean for his physique, stating, "I don’t have any metabolism, so if I blow up like the girl in Willy Wonka, that’s why.”



    —Sonya Eskridge




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