Marjorie Harvey preps for more mentees

    Marjorie Harvey can’t wait to welcome a new class of young women, who are enthusiastic about reaching their full potential.

    "I’m so excited about the next group of girls," Marjorie told S2S of her 2nd annual Girls Who Rule the World mentoring weekend.. "Last year was so successful. The girls learned a lot, but we got—as the adults—just as much from the girls as they did from us."

    The weekend is taking place October 28 – 30 in Atlanta. Much of the program will be similar to the inaugural mentorship weekend in 2010, but there will be one major difference this year.

    "We chose a different location for it, so we could add a little bit more of the outdoor and sports elements," Marjorie revealed. "We keep dealing with childhood obesity in all of this. We wanted to add that to get the girls a little more active and health conscientious, so we wanted to add that to what we already had."

    Marjorie won’t have the girls running around outside the whole time because she also wants to build their minds and teach them how to be proper young ladies. To that end, this year’s mentorship weekend will include seminars on financial literacy as well as an etiquette class. The girls will also get a crash course on the world of work.

    "What we wanted to do with the girls this year is to teach them positive self-image, dealing with professional and educational development," Marjorie explained. Speaking of education, Marjorie aims to help send some of her mentees to school.

    An education is essential for nearly everyone looking to start a career, but the problem is that not everyone can afford to go to college. Marjorie plans to solve that problem for some of her girls.

    "We’re adding, in 2013, a scholarship program for the girls that actually have gone through our Girls Who Rule the World and our mid-year program," she said. Marjorie is looking to expand the program in other ways as well. For example, she would love to offer her program in more cities so that she can help more young ladies.

    Marjorie didn’t say whether her husband, comedian and advice guru Steve Harvey was going to make an appearance this year, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he popped in. Beyond that, Girls Who Rule the World will still be a family affair.

    "One of my daughters is actually the program director for The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation," Marjorie shared. "All three of my oldest daughters will actually all be there to help as volunteers, and my younger daughter is always one of the participants."

    For those interested in being part of this program, there’s still time to apply, but you shouldn’t wait too long. The deadline for application is September 12.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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