Vivica Fox and fiancé reject reality TV

    Vivica Fox and her fiancé Slimhave opted not to join the reality TV hustle in order to preserve their relationship.

    The actress revealed during an interview at Comic Con that she and Slimm has been offered their own show. She said that, despite their fondness for being snapped at different events, the couple is going to keep their cameras out of their home.

    The main reason? Cameras bring drama. "I will be getting married soon," Vivica told reporters. "When we got engaged it was the #1 trending topic of the day on Yahoo! so we thought everyone would be interested in seeing the wedding and the whole shabang."

    Vivica explained that she and Slimm were in for quite a surprise when they went online to see what people were saying. While the actress and her man were expecting acceptance and well wishes, they were instead met by snarky comments and  rude questions. 

    "When we went there, they were like, ‘What do you guys fight about?’ Who are your friends that are a mess?’" Vivica shared, referencing the fact that news of her betrothal was met by rumors that her friends didn’t support the relationship with Slimm. "So I was like, ‘I don’t want to start off my marriage with creating drama’ because we get along very good."

    Aside from that, Vivica admitted that she likes to get away from the spotlight when she’s not working. It allows her a chance to unwind.

    "I try not to live my life in a fishbowl. I have to turn off," Vivica said. "If I’m on all of the time, how will my husband ever get to know me as his future wife. I have learned to turn off and to be able to hang out with my family and my friends and not be so on."

    The actress also feels that staying away from reality TV will only be an asset to her acting career. "I’ve worked very hard for the last 25 years to establish the brand and the name Vivica Fox so I let my work speak for itself."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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