‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 8.30.11

    Benched: Laura Govan

    MVP: Draya Michelle

    T-shirt line: "She’s a lovely lady, though."

    The women of "Basketball Wives: LA" wasted no time waging battles against one another.

    To put it lightly, "Basketball Wives: LA" started with a bang…and a slap…and some bleeps. The impression we got from last night’s premiere was that if you can’t act at least a little ghetto, or readily judgemental, you won’t be in the main circle.

    With that, lines were quickly drawn on "BBW: LA."  Maybe that was just a trick of the editing, but it took Gloria 30 seconds flat to form an opinion of Malaysia and latch onto it. That’s got to be a record, even for her!

    Many of the wives didn’t seem all that into Malaysia Pargo, who seemed to be friendly enough on first approach. We can’t exactly blame Malaysia for losing her enthusiasm to hang with the rest of the cast after Kimsha Artest bashed her home town of L.A. It probably didn’t help that the other ladies were somewhat dismissive of her line of jewelry for kids.

    The alienation continued when the cast met up for a round of Texas Hold ‘Em at a local casino. That’s where we met Tanya Williams, who introduced herself as an inspirational speaker.

    Almost from the word go, she was scrutinized for wanting to drink a specifid brand of champagne because the other women thought she was trying to act classy. We were a bit confused on that point because it didn’t seem like Tanya was doing  anything over-the-top. Like Katt Williams said, everyone has one certain drink they prefer. Can’t she have some champagne (if that’s what she likes) without everyone giving her the side-eye?

    Tanya didn’t help her case at the poker table. All we’ll say is that she started out with some great advice for Jackie Christie, but there was a point where she should have stopped speaking or tried to move on to a different subject.

    While Gloria Govan didn’t fit in so well with the Miami cast, she is right at home in Los Angeles.

    When Gloria invited Draya out to lunch, we got a flashback of her first sit down with Royce Reed. We all know how that ended up. But unlike her interactions with Royce, Gloria seemed to give Draya a fair shot…in her own way. Of course that was only after she established that the model hasn’t hollered at her man.

    We’re impressed that Draya saw through the supposedly friendly questions, and we like how she handled herself.

    Our main question from this lunch date is: Why should Draya have to explain herself to anyone if she’s messing with a single man? What goes on between two consenting, unattached adults is their business.

    Things started to get ugly when Jackie suggested that everyone meet up for lunch to hash some things out. To us, it looked more like an ambush than an opportunity to really settle some misunderstandings. Why? Because Jackie, Kimsha and Laura Govan all came with confrontatial attitudes. 

    In our opinion, they weren’t really trying to clear the air because they weren’t mentally prepared to listen. They’d each already formed their opinions and this was just supposed to be an occasion to attack.

    Being judgemental must run in the Govan family because things went waaay left when Laura spoke up. She was really quick to accuse two people of being snooty liars. Apparently, she’s got a problem with anyone that speaks proper english.

    The main problem seemed to be a misunderstanding about the word "rat." Laura might called Malaysia a "rat" as an abbreviation for "hoodrat," while Malaysia may have taken the term as Laura accusing her of being a sneaky, underhanded person.

    Neither interpretation of "rat" is great, which is probably why a discussion over lunch came to blows. Note: Anyone questioning Malaysia’s realness should have timed how quickly it took her to take off her shoes before charging at Laura.

    And this is just the first episode?  At least the Miami cast got three episdoes into the season before taking swipes at each other.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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