Centino Kemp tweets about Eddie Long

    Centino Kemp, the fifth man to accuse Bishop Eddie Long of sexual misconduct, went on a Twitter tirade early this morning.

    After a few drinks, and possibly some unsuccessful attempts to get some rest, Centino hit up Twitter to get a few things off of his chest.

    "Some Nights are hard to sleep cant stop thinking about the past pain," Centino tweeted just after midnight today. "I Got F*cked By The Devil Himself. i was literally your hooker."

    While it wasn’t immediately clear who Centino may have been talking about, he addressed his target directly."@BishopEddieLong why thats all i want to no," The Atlanta man asked after  confessing that he’d had some rum earlier.

    "I Dont give a f*ck anymore you f*cked up my life and its hard to find joy and i cant even get a f*cking sorry take your shit back," Centino tweeted early this morning. "I am sick of living a lie and hideing my pain in a fake ass smile and your walking around like its ok."

    Centino, who is supposedly on vacation right now, said thoughts of his alleged abuser have made it difficult for him to feel good about himself and live a happier life. However, it seems that what bothers him most is that Eddie is unfazed by the situation brought about by the illicit relationship that Centino claims they had.

    "I am 22 years old i should be living life i am in the bahamas why im i crying myself to sleep i feel dirty," Centino tweeted, "and you cant even look me in my f*cking eyes."



    —Sonya Eskidge




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