Diva Down: Is Beyoncé’s career over?

    The gift of life is priceless but it can cost women their careers.

    God bless diva Beyoncé Knowles, her husband and her pregnancy—but her fans must certainly know her career as they know it is over, right?  She will always be a diva—only God can bestow that honor and only He can take it away —but it’s hard for anyone, balancing life, love, career and parenthood to stay on top.  In order to do so it means a critical sacrifice that normally involves revaluating the importance of family over career aspirations.

    Not because of patriarchal oppression but because careers tend to have lives of their own, a life that no superstar can fully dictate. Careers need the same love, care, nurturing and patience, as young children require. Women have struggled with this conundrum since the 60s — because after the bra’s stop burning, she brings home the bacon to fry it up in the pan, someone still has to help the kids with their homework. Someone still has to do a wash. Sometimes that person is the husband – but not often enough. Then, there is that balance. Despite what you think, one CAN do it, but it takes two to do it right. Kids need Mommy just as much as they need Daddy.

    Fans should take heart, because Beyoncé’s had a good run—been to the mountaintop, as it were. But it’s not like her dude isn’t an earner. She’s gonna have that baby, start baking cookies and settle into a career writing the hits instead of singing them. Those days of break-neck touring and such are over —diva hood is virtually impossible with small children in tow. Maybe she’ll hire help, but I promise you, she’ll have to choose at some point. Not for nothing, lesser women than Beyoncé have found themselves at that same crossroads.

    SPOILER ALERT: The smart ones choose their kids.  When they don’t? Well, then you read about them in the news showing out cause mom wasn’t there to love them.

    For a look at some so-called divas whose careers cooled off after having babies, check out the full article at Loop 21.

    —Jimi Izrael | reprinted with permission from Loop21.



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