Keyshia Cole to wed on TV

    You’ll kinda, sorta be invited to Keyshia Cole’s second wedding when her reality show makes it to air.

    The "Long Way Down" singer told that she can’t wait to share her second big day with audiences.

    "Me and my husband are having our big wedding that I’ve always wanted to have," Keyshia said, explaining that the ceremony would be recorded as part of her new reality show, "Family First."

    She wed Daniel "Boobie" Gibson in an ultra-private ceremony in Las Vegas back in May. If you didn’t get an invite, don’t feel bad because only a couple of their relatives were allowed to attend.

    "Family First" will also follow Keyshia through the recording process during its six-episode run. "I just kind of lay out all my emotions; then we start from there," said the singer.

    Keyshia didn’t specify when "Family First" might be making its way to TV, or which network might air it (though, we suspect BET would be very interested in the show).

    On the upside, Keyshia revealed that her fans should expect some new music from her by the end of the year. Billboard reports that she wants to run some material by her new manager Kevin Liles before releasing her next album in December.

    Keyshia hired Kevin after dumping her old manager Manny Halley again in January.  According to Keyshia, Kevin doesn’t just understand her as an artist, but also on a deeper level.

    She said, "I think me and Kevin connect spiritually and that means a lot to me as well."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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