Diggy Simmons shares his strategy

    Daniel “Diggy” Simmons is no longer a little boy standing in the shadow of his legendary father, Rev. Run of rap’s Run D.M.C.

    Diggy, now 16, sat down with Sister 2  Sister Publisher Jamie Foster Brown to talk about family life, his growing career, and the standard he sets for himself.

    “I’ve been real busy. …I’ve been working on my album here in L.A,” he said.

    When Jamie asks what’s causing the delay in production on a full-length project, Diggy shed some light on how he operates—and why it means so much to him.

    "I just felt as though I didn’t want to rush into it. I wanted to build something solid. Like a fan base, and people that really believed in me… besides just throwing out a single. …I’m really happy that I’ve reached a standard on this album that, I’m like, proud of,” the rising artist told Jamie. 

    In addition to all that, the youngster dropped a few bars to hold his fans over until his album’s debut. Watch.



    —Ciara E. Smith



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