Gloria Govan ‘upset’ by sister’s brawl

    When VH1 approached Gloria Govan about doing a spinoff of “Basketball Wives” in L.A., she had one request: no fighting. Little did she know her own sister would be the one poppin’ things off in the series premiere.

    “Ooh, I was so upset. But you know when I realized what it was really about, I couldn’t really be mad at her. She was going through so much stuff.”

    In a recent radio interview, Gloria said the blowup between her sister, Laura Govan and Malaysia Pargo, is the only confrontation we’ll see on the show.   

    She also shot down the rumor that Laura had an affair with Shaq, the former husband of “Basketball Wives” executive producer, Shaunie O’Neal.

    When it comes to her own love life, Govan said she and L.A. Laker, Matt Barnes, are doing just fine—although she doesn’t deny he hasn’t been faithful throughout their tumultuous five-year relationship. 

    “I’m not gonna sit up here and be like, ‘No, you know he’s perfect and we’re fabulous’… it’s never been in my face.”

    Gloria said we’ll learn more about their relationship and get the truth about plenty of other juicy gossip as we watch the show, including the real story behind fellow cast member, Draya Michelle.

    “It’s gonna blow your mind how she’s involved. Trrrust me.”

    Listen to the entire interview here.





    —Myranda Stephens




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