Teyana Taylor tangles with director

    Teyana Taylor tangled with a director while shooting the follow-up to Gang of Roses.

    Things got plenty wild on the set of Teyana’s Western flick, Gang of Roses 2, last weekend. TMZ.com reports that the actress got into a full-on brawl with director Jean-Claude La Marre after he refused to let her leave the set to deal with a toothache.

    Supposedly, Teyana was in a lot of pain because of an abscessed tooth. When she asked to be excused from shooting, Jean-Claude refused Teyana’s repeated requests that he arrange a car service to take her home. That’s when things got ugly.

    When Teyana got in his face and started screaming at him, he snapped. A witness said that the director shouted, "don’t f*#king scream at me, b!#ch," before pushing her face away. The contact struck her infected tooth. 

    Allegedly it took several crew members to tear Teyana and Jean-Claude apart. After the fight, the actress took pictures to show where the blood from her nose and mouth had dripped onto her denim shorts. She claims her shirt was also ripped during the dust-up. Take a look.

    According to Teyana’s camp, she is now thinking about filing suit against Jean-Claude for the fight. The director said he’s opting not to press charges because, as he told TMZ, "she’s 20 years old and I’m 40 … kids lash out."

    Besides, Jean-Claude said he only acted in self defense after she "jumped on me and began swinging." He admits, though, that she never landed a punch.

    In the meantime, production for Gang of Roses 2 will roll ahead as planned with Claudia Jordan and Amber Rose. Teyana may not be appearing on set again as her character has been killed off by the director.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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