Keri Hilson snaps on assistant?

    There’s word that Keri Hilson had a bit of a diva moment with her assistant in Las Vegas last weekend

    According to the New York Post, Keri had just wrapped up a performance at Haze nightclub when she realized that the tag from her harem pants hadn’t been removed.

    When she got backstage, witnesses claim that Keri lost her cool and went off on her assistant for the oversight.

    “Hilson lost it,” a source said, mentioning that the wardrobe problem was just one of the ways the aide had supposedly dropped the ball. “She was screaming at her assistant for ‘not being able to do anything right.’ [She] railed that the assistant also forgot to ‘pack her eyedrops and throat spray.’”

    Not about to be disrespected, Keri’s assistant responded with, "Oh, hell no!"

    Before Keri and her helper could get into a physical catfight, the singer’s security team and manager got between them. Keri walked away in a huff, and that was reportedly the end of the incident.

    The "Pretty Girl Rock" performer’s camp has only confirmed part of the story. “Keri did ask her assistant to bring her eyedrops/throat spray as she was feeling under the weather, but there was no altercation," one of her reps told the Post, denying that tempers had nearly boiled over into a brawl. "Keri has had the same road staff, from assistant to security, for a few years now.”

    Keri never commented publicly on the almost-altercation herself, but she did comment on the performance in Las Vegas. “Shout out to all the PARTY PEOPLE at HAZE tonight!!!! " she tweeted after the show, "Much love to promoter, mgr & staff for takng great care!!”



    —Sonya Eskridge




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