S2S Goes to the Movies: Colombiana


    Zoe Saldana is taking no prisoners as she avenges the brutal murder of parents  in the action revenge flick Colombiana.

    Zoe Saldana’s acting resume for the last 10 years reads like a seasoned A-List Hollywood movie star. Having already been apart of some of the most successful franchises in film history (Pirates of the Carribean, Star Trek) and the
    highest-grossing movie ever made (James Cameron’s Avatar), Zoe is now at the tipping point in her young, but already illustrious, career.

    Colombiana marks Zoe’s first true leading role as she carries this 40 million-dollar action flick on the shoulders of her tiny frame all by her self. A 10-year-old Cataleya, played by an extraordinarily talented young actress named Amandla Stenberg, witnesses the brutal murders of her parents by a Colombian crime lord.

    From there, the exceptionally bright young Cataleya cleverly finds her way to Chicago, where her uncle and aunt raise her to be a brutal killing machine.

    Cataleya, which is a wild orchid that grows in South America, is not
    only out to kill the crime boss who murdered her parents, but also any and everyone that has even a connection to the crime lord. This element makes the film almost makes Colombiana a female version of Rambo or the first Terminator movie.

    Luc Besson, the man behind the wildly popular Transporter franchise and the cult classic La Femme Nikita, didn’t recreate the wheel here or stray too far from his signature style of shoot-em-up films. Add in a little bit of the popular television series "Alias," and you have a proven formula with Colombiana that historically works in Hollywood.

    Despite some plot holes and a one dimensional protagonist, we loved the film. Colombiana does not try to be anything that it isn’t. We found it even liberating to watch a young female star, who is on her way to being on the exclusive Hollywood A-List, kick ass Angelina Jolie-style.

    Hollywood, get ready. Ms. Saldana is definitely in the building and is taking no prisoners.

    Grade: B+




    —Datari Turner




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