‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 9.6.11

    Benched: Imani Showalter

    MVP: Tanya Williams

    T-shirt line: "Maybe hers aren’t as nice as mine."

    Imani Showalter chose to lash out with her words on last night’s episode of "Basketball Wives L.A."

    In case you missed the lowpoint of the "Basketball Wives: LA" series premiere last week, producers were kind enough to kick this week’s episode off by continuing last week’s fight. Apparently Laura Govan and Malaysia Pargo weren’t done whooping each other’s behinds.

    While nearly every cast member was present at the casual lunch-turned-cage match, there was one Basketball Wife that chose to stay out of the fray. Even though Jackie Christie clearly asked her for help in breaking up the brawl, Tanya Williams couldn’t have looked more uninterested.

    Tanya just sat in her chair looking ashamed for herself and her companions. We know, Tanya, we know.

    Though Kimsha Artest stayed mysteriously silent on the matter, something about Tanya’s decision not to get involved irked Jackie and Imani.

    Determined to drag Tanya into some sort of argument, Jackie, Imani and Gloria Govan interrogated their cast member about why she refused to jump in the middle of Laura and Malaysia’s fight.

    Tanya never gave a concrete reason for why she didn’t stick a paw in the catfight, but suffice it to say that she just didn’t want to. We can’t really blame her for staying out of it when a tangle of cast and crew already had the situation well under control.

    Obviously, that answer didn’t satisfy the circle and its fascination with keeping it real. Not one for unncessary conflict, Tanya chose to leave the rest of the cast members to their drama. It’s probably the smartest thing that anyone will do all season.


    With Tanya out of the picture, Imani began her campaign against Draya Michele. While Draya doesn’t have the best reputation, it looks like Imani was just searching for a fight.

    When Draya mentioned that she recognized Imani, Imani thought the model was just trying to start some conflict. Since Imani doesn’t do well with troublemakers she got a bit of an attitude with Draya. Then when Imani did recognize Draya and her former profession, she immediately formed an opinion about the cast newbie.

    Much like last week’s lunch with Gloria, Draya refused to be fazed.


    Laura and Malaysia put their boxing gloves away long enough to sit down for a relatively civilized lunch with Imani. During the meal, Imani asserted that she had no interest in giving Draya a fair chance to get to know everyone.

    Imani’s main problem with Draya seems to be that Draya decided to be a stripper to earn money. And it’s not just that she feels that it’s an immoral job, she felt that Draya wouldn’t have any concern for her.


    Laura and Malaysia managed to redeem themselves during a quiet chat in the park that didn’t end in a fight (verbal or physical). It was good to see two grown women be grown and settle a matter without having to resort to violence.

    However, we do that think that Laura was sort of given a pass for her behavior. It’s not like Malaysia started that fight, last week, Laura was asking her to get ghetto! Malaysia was just giving her what she wanted. Too bad, Malaysia had to show her hood by getting up and throwing down!


    The group tried to keep things positive with what had to be the most glamorous group therapy session we’ve ever seen! Everyone was complimenting each other and getting along fine until they had to describe Draya. While Draya didn’t receive the most glowing of descriptions, one of the comments about her was particularly cutting.

    Sooo…getting right down to it, Imani called Draya "worthless" and then wouldn’t be upfront about why. For a woman that put so much emphasis on keeping it real and being honest, this is really shady.





    —Sonya Eskridge

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