KeKe Palmer talks ‘Ragz’ and ‘Joyful Noise’

    KeKe Palmer has just reached adulthood, but unlike many of her 18-year-old peers, she’s already got a successful career and now she’s ready to take control.

    “When I first started out, everything was so fresh and so new and so fun, and I didn’t really pay attention to the business side of things, but as you get older, you start to notice things that you hadn’t really thought of before,” said KeKe, who mentioned “producing” as one of those things she’s recently become interested in.

    “It was hard at first. I was almost uncomfortable having so much power. It was hard to let myself have an opinion on things,” she told The Huffington Post. “Being a producer gives your opinion a little bit more weight.”

    KeKe is done taping the first film that she has co-produced with Nick Cannon, titled Ragz.

    Although she’s new to producing, acting is second nature to KeKe, who entered the Hollywood scene early with starring roles in Akeelah and the Bee and in her own sitcom, “True Jackson.”

    “I’ve been doing it for so long that I understand every aspect of it for the most part. There are obviously still more aspects that I need to learn, but I have a grasp on it,” she said about her successful career.

    However, when it comes to music, the recording artist is still just getting her feet wet.

    “The music industry is something that I’m still trying to understand,” KeKe said.

    While she’s still dabbling in music, KeKe continues to land major movie roles with A-list stars.

    She’ll be working with Queen Latifah again, along with Dolly Parton in the upcoming film Joyful Noise, which is scheduled for release in January.

    “Filming with them was absolutely amazing,” she said.

    Although the musician and actress is making a name for herself in the industry, she tries not to get too overwhelmed by the Hollywood lifestyle.

    “I don’t want everything to revolve around the entertainment business. Yes, that’s my career, but it’s not my life,” she said.


    Watch KeKe prepare for her Joyful Noise role with a rendition of "His Eye Is on the Sparrow."




    —Tracy L. Scott



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