Teyana Taylor faces fight charges

    Teyana Taylor is being slammed with charges following her fight with director Jean Claude LaMarre.

    It seems the Gang of Roses 2 director has changed his mind about hauling Teyana into court after their recent brawl onset. Immediately following the altercation, Jean Claude said he wasn’t going to press charges against the artist.

    Bossip.com reports that that changed Saturday, when Jean Claude filed charges against Teyana at the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s office. Documents on the incident  paint a very different picture than what was first reported.

    For example, Jean Claude claims that Teyana was asked to leave the set once she complained of a severe tootache, but she refused. When he screamed at her to leave, Jean Claude alleges that she "came at him like a spider monkey."

    The Gang of Roses 2 director also claims Teyana busted up the set and damaged his car once members of the production crew pulled her off of him. "She began to kick camera equipment and destroy property on set,” Jean Claude claims. “In her fit of rage, she then walked to my car and kicked my vehicle door and dented it. There were tons of eyewitnesses on set.”

    Although he initially planned to drop the whole incident, Jean Claude said it was his loved ones that prompted him to take legal action. “Teyana Taylor has a history of violence. And after discussing it with my family, I decided to file the charges," he said in a statement. "We have statements from over twenty crew members who witnessed her charge and violently attacked me. "

    Jean Claude continued, "I was going to leave it all alone because at the end of the day she’s only 20 years old, but the truth is this young lady has a real anger problem that needs to be dealt with. I had no choice but to file charges.”

    Teyana tells the story a little differently and there’s some dispute over who actually struck first. She told the New York Daily News last week that Jean Claude threw the first punch.

    “At the end of the day, this was a 40-something man who put his hands on a 120 pound, 20-year-old female who was sick and crying. I did nothing wrong," Teyana claimed. “[He] jumped on me and began swinging."

    Teyana said that between her infected tooth and the fight with Jean Claude, she was very upset when she left the set. “Afterward, I went home, lay down and cried all night. A man put his hands on me. I was very emotional, very sick, and by myself," she confessed. "I was so stressed out and in so much pain. This story is out there to promote the movie. The only thing I can do is defend myself."

    The entertainer also commented on how Jean Claude supposedly chose to exact his revenge on her for the brawl. “The last thing he said was that he was going to kill me off," Teyana stated. "That was to make him feel better. That’s evil."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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