Sanaa Lathan lays out her requirements

    Now that Sanaa Lathan is back on the market, she knows exactly what she wants in a man.

    The Something New actress accidently revealed to Today’s Black Woman that she’s single. Since the cat is out of the bag, she decided to share her very specific ideas about what it would take for a relationship with her to work.

    "Faithfulness, integrity, loyalty and honesty," Sanaa listed. "It’s really important for me to have somebody who stimulates me mentally. I love having long talks and laughing."

    Sanaa, who once lived with music executive Steve Rifkind, doesn’t seem to be asking for a lot.

    Sanaa, who is the voice of Donna Tubbs on "The Cleveland Show, credits her success to just being thankful to have a job—oh, and her astounding talent!

    "I don’t have to keep myself motivated. I just feel so appreciative to be doing what I’m doing and to have had the level of success that I’ve had," Sanaa said. "For me, my daily practice is of gratitude and constantly putting my focus on what’s going well."

    "The Cleveland Show" returns for its third season on September 25 at 8:30 p.m. EST. Check out Sanaa in action when you watch the season 2 finale below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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