Sherri Shepherd shares wedding details

    Sherri Shepherd shared a little too much while dishing some details about her big day.

    Sherri happily flashed her ring on Tuesday’s episode of "The View." The TV personality wed her beau Lamar Salley on August 13 in Chicago surrounded by family and friends.

    Like many celebrity brides, one wedding-day ensemble simply wouldn’t do! So, Sherri wore an elegant gown for the nuptials before switching into a flirty, feathery frock for the reception.

    In the clip below, you’ll see that Sherri decided to get a little extra milage out of her reception dress.

    "This is the last hurrah in this dress. I’m going to make this marriage work if it kill me!"

    Sherri even dressed up a little more for "The View" since she was opted not to wear one essential item of clothing at her wedding. It wasn’t her idea, though.

    "One of my bridesmaids, I think it was Niecy Nash, said, ‘Don’t wear any underwear,’" Sherri admitted. "They knew me and Sal had been celibate for 11 months, so [she wanted me to do] anything [I could] do to get him turned back on."

    That posed a bit of a problem during production for Sherri’s wedding special, airing next Tuesday on the Style Network, when her microphone pack fell down the back of her dress.

    "They’re lifting my dress and I’m screaming, ‘No, I have no panties on,’" Sherri revealed. "And one bridesmaid thought I kept screaming, ‘My pancreas! My pancreas!’"

    But what about her favorite moment from the whole day?  Was it her bridal party dance? Nope. Was it being announced as Mrs. Lamar Salley? Close, but not quite.

    "That was the best time, dancing with my son," Sherri said. "He walked me down the aisle. He wasn’t nervous."




    —Sonya Eskridge




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