Nick Cannon talks about twins

    Nick Cannon dropped by "The Talk" to share what it’s like to raise babies with Mariah Carey.

    After being a dad for about four months, Nick has made some observations about his children, Moroccan and Monroe.

    "My daughter is a diva!" Nick bluntly stated before explaining how her brother, Moroccan, acts in comparison. "My son is more laid back. Like when he wakes up, he wakes up smiling and he’ll wait for a minute. If he’s hungry, he’ll let you know."

    Monroe doesn’t wake up quite the same way, according to the "America’s Got Talent" host. "My daughter says, ‘WAH!’ Just instantly she goes in and will not stop crying until you give her what she wants," he said. "It’s just sleep and then screaming!"

    Just to drive the point home, Nick reiterated, "My son is just really laid back. He doesn’t cry, but my daughter is just on one all the time."

    But Monroe comes by being a diva honest. As everyone knows mama Mariah isn’t afraid to state her demands and she will figure out how to do things her way no matter what. That was especially true in the delivery room where Nick admits that the arrival of their twins was a real production.

    "I was the production manager of the whole thing," Nick joked. "I was the DJ. I had the camera in one hand. The lighting had to be perfect. My wife is like, ‘If you got a camera, you make sure the lighting is right.’ Doctors were adjusting the lights.’"

    Nick added that Mariah insisted that the live version of her hit single "Fantasy" be playing so that the babies could arrive to the sound of applause. Moroccan and Monroe were born on Nick and Mariah’s anniversary. So now the celebrity couple has renamed the annual occasion Family Day.

    Despite the births, Nick and Mariah were still able to commemorate their wedded bliss by renewing their vows while she was still in the hospital. It turns out, as the proud papa revealed, not even childbirth would keep the spanking-new mom from looking her best!

    "That’s how much of a diva my wife is," Nick exclaimed. "Not only did she give birth to twins, hours later she was in a gown with hair and makeup!"

    Find out what Nick had to say about Mariah’s skills as a mommy (and what he got for her push present) when you watch the clip below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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