Draya Michele is used to the haters

    Draya Michele has already emerged as the cast member the others love to hate on “Basketball Wives: LA,” but the former stripper said she’s used to the hate.

    “I won’t be shocked if a lot more people hate me than they already do. People don’t always have the nicest things to say about me. So, I’m used to it already,” Draya told VibeVixen.com.

    Judging from a recent episode of “BBW: LA,” that might actually be an understatement. Fellow cast member Imani Showalter referred to Draya as “worthless,” seemingly expressing a problem with her former occupation as an exotic dancer.

    Draya and Imani are obviously very far from being BFFs, but Draya said not every female hates her.

    “I got a personality that if you know me, you will like me. It just comes off as a little bit cold at first, but eventually I can warm up to anybody if I want to,” she said.

    However, the bigger question may be whether the others will warm up to her.

    Draya doesn’t seem too optimistic.

    “Girls are designed to disappoint you. So, I am very careful and selective of who I call my friends,” she said. “Close friends is a touchy [thing] for me.”

    However, if she had to choose, Draya would be friends with Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada of “Basketball Wives: Miami.”

    “I like different things in each of them,” said Draya, who sees some of herself in Evelyn.

    “I have similarities that I see in Evelyn. I am a little bit more reserved, and I don’t really like to snap on people and show that side. I don’t think it is really necessary for me to get all crazy, but I can,” she said.

    So far, Draya has kept her cool and not been involved in any physical altercations on the show, but if she is like Evelyn—who’s been in more than one fight over the last few seasons—then viewers may want to brace themselves.

    “I definitely have that inside of me. All I need is the right person to bring it out,” she said.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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