Search for jurors in Michael Jackson case begins

    More than two years after his death, Michael Jackson’s manslaughter case moves ahead as jury selection begins.

    The accusations came hurtling towards Dr. Conrad Murray following the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, and the search for qualified jurors on the case started Thursday.

    According to the Associated Press, of the 187 people originally chosen, the only ones allowed to review the case will be those that are not dismissed due to their answers during two weeks of interviews. So far only 72 people moved on to the next part of the selection phase in filling out the 30-page questionnaire.

    Despite Conrad’s lawyer’s requests, the jurors selected will not be sequestered throughout the case. In fact, Judge Michael Pastor stated, "I chose not to follow that path and by making that choice I am reiterating my faith in every juror chosen in this case."

    Still, Judge Pastor stressed the importance of staying far from the media, limiting their Google searches to exclude anything having to do with the case of involuntary manslaughter against the disgraced cardiologist. He also said that the case cannot be discussed with any one else verbally or on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. The judge also told the jurors that if selected, they cannot read any tweets regarding the case either.

    Judge Pastor wants at least 100 jurors, and although the current number is lower than that, the process has not ended for this extremely sensitive and highly publicized case. Direct questioning of jurors begins on September 23.



    —Kylee Coney




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