Daily Buzz 9.12.11

    ‘Basketball Wives: LA’ episode 3 sneak

    Jackie Christie is planning her umpteenth wedding on tonight’s episode of "Basketball Wives: LA." Eschewing the traditional yet again, Jackie is really looking for something truly outrageous.

    How outrageous? She wants a stripper at the wedding! No, seriously. Watch the sneak peek below to see what she’s asking for.


    Bobbi Kristina covers Adele

    Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s progeny is trying her hand singing! Like millions of teens, regardless of fame, Bobbi Kristina recorded herself singing and broadcasted it on YouTube.

    In the clip below, Bobbi Kris strays from her parents’ material and tries her pipes at covering Adele’s "Someone Like You."


    Keyshia Cole’s baby rejects her

    Keyshia Cole hit a new motherhood milestone over the weekend when her sweet little son dissed her!

    When Keyshia’s son, Daniel Jr., got in an accident this weekend, who did he go running for? The "I Ain’t Thru" singer revealed that it wasn’t her.

    She tweeted Saturday, "OK that VERY awkward moment when your child hurts his hand and you open your arms to comfort him and walks past you and goes to his NANA! :/"



    Watch the ‘Tower Heist’ trailer

    Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller), Ben Stiller (Meet the Parents) and Gabby Sidibe (Precious) gang up in the new movie Tower Heist in which a group of disgruntled employees attempt to rob a former boss.

    When the employees learn that their pensions are lost, they call on an experienced thief, played by 2012 Oscar host Eddie Murphy, to help them get their money back.

    The movie hits theaters in November.

    Watch the trailer.



    Good-bye, Tara?

    Has HBO killed off one of the few remaining Black characters on “True Blood”?

    On Sunday’s season finale, Sookie Stackhouse’s BFF, Tara Thornton, took a bullet meant for Sookie.

    The episode ended with Sookie sitting in a pool of Tara’s blood, holding her lifelong friend in her arms and calling for help.

    Since the episode aired, “True Blood” fans have been questioning whether it’s really the end for Tara, played by Rutina Wesley.


    Read fans’ comments below.

    Watch the scene below.



    Sherri Shepherd not mad at Joy Behar

    Despite rumors to the contrary, “The View” co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Joy Behar have no wedding beef.

    The women, who married two days apart, addressed the gossip on Joy’s show.

    Sherri assured the audience that she was happy for Joy, and that she wasn’t worried that Joy’s ceremony would steal her thunder.

    “I was not upset. As a matter of fact, when you told us, I was so excited for you because you were so anti-marriage,” Sherri said.

    Sherri talks more about her wedding in the video below. Watch.








    —Sonya Eskridge & Tracy L. Scott



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