Do the ‘Basketball Wives’ judge too quickly?

    We often use the phrase "Don’t judge me" in humor—like when your friends find you crying over a rerun of “America’s Next Top Model.” (Those eliminations are harsh!) But the request is real talk for some of the ladies of "Basketball Wives: L.A."

    From day one, the women have been judging each other based on looks, shopping habits and even their former occupations. 

    The biggest target has been former stripper-turned-model, Draya Michele (pictured). During what was supposed to be a nice “let’s get to know each other” lunch, Gloria Govan immediately pegged Draya as a groupie because she dated a few NBA players (I guess in Gloria’s rulebook, you’re only allowed to date one). But that was nothing compared to the foul Imani Showalter committed against Draya when she called her “worthless” because of her past profession (Imani claimed there were more valid reasons, but seriously? Worthless?).  

    Of course, the hating – I mean “judging” – doesn’t end there. Kimsha Artest and Laura Govan pre-judged Malaysia Pargo as “bougie” because she’s an L.A. girl who likes to wear designer shoes. But even Malaysia hopped on the judgment bandwagon, when Jackie Christie and the others deemed Tanya Williams someone who thinks she’s better than the rest.

    Now, I’m not saying the ladies’ preconceived notions about one another are way off base. And I’m definitely not saying I never judge people myself (honestly, who doesn’t?). But to totally dismiss or say mean-spirited things to someone based on what you think you know about that person is just ignorant… and high school.

    I have to give it to Draya and Tanya for handling the judgment passed on them with maturity and class. Me? I might’ve started swinging like Malaysia.

    Hey, hey now. Don’t judge me.


    Gloria Govan confronts Draya about being a "groupie"?


    Tanya Williams gets interrogated. Watch.






    Myranda Stephens is a TV reporter, blogger and hair model who currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.






    What do you think? Do the "BBW" ladies judge too quickly, or are they right to follow their first impressions and gut instincts about people? Leave your comments below.




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