‘The Game’ to return in January

    Melanie, Derwin and Malik will be back to kick off 2012 with a new season of "The Game"! 

    During Friday’s AKOO fashion show in New York, Hosea Chanchez told TheYBF.com that production for season 5 is due to start any day now. "The new season starts in January," the actor said. "We go back to work next week."

    Tia Mowry has said that producers told her she had six weeks after giving birth to get back to work, so the timing lines up. 

    Unfortunately, Hosea didn’t dish up any plot points for next season. For example, how are Melanie and Derwin Davis going to handle the issue of her having had an abortion?

    Also, will Kelly have a bigger role this season? Will Tasha Mack finally find her Mr. Right and be able to maintain a relationship?

    The answer to these questions and more will have to wait until January!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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